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Old Savannah City Mission
2414 Bull Street
Savannah, GA
"Savannah's Five Star Gospel Rescue Mission"
NO LONGER $1.79...NOW $2.05

Since the birth of Old Savannah City Mission in 1997, we have provided
hundred of thousands of meals.  We calculated their costs at $1.79.  So
many faithful donors have given with that cost in mind.  Now reality
requires us to increase our costs to $2.05 per meal.  

Please remember, Old Savannah City Mission is privately funded.  It
does not request or receive any public funds.  It depends upon people of
goodwill who genuinely care about the less fortunate right here in our
community.  Increasing numbers of people are coming to the Mission for
help.  Everyone is facing economic challenges. It’s a serious challenge
for the Mission, especially during this season of the year.  The Mission
must ramp up its fund raising efforts.  Since May donations have been
decreasing in sync with the increasing need for services.

Reverend Jim Lewis is strongly encouraging people of goodwill to step
up to the plate NOW and help the Mission feed the hungry and homeless
in our community.  Here’s what your donation can do:

$22.50 will provide 10 meals
$41.00 will provide 20 meals
$65.50 will provide 30 meals
$82.00 will provide 40 meals
$102.50 will provide 50 meals
$205.00 will provide 100 meals
$410.00 will provide 200 meals
More than a Meal
Knowing that
someone cares.
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for our

(APAI) presented the Old Savannah City Mission its “Community Service
Award” in recognition of its FRESH START PROGRAM.  The Mission’s
nomination came from the Georgia Department of Corrections.
Mission Receives An Award
  Fresh Start is a year long residential transitional program with high
standards, strong boundaries and clear direction.  It is designed to
serve men and women who while incarcerated come to faith in Christ
and genuinely desire a fresh start in life.  The program functions as a
bridge from incarceration to re-incorporation.  Its goal is for ex-offenders
and community…never to return to prison.   A key factor to the program’s
success is that each ex-offender is assigned a mentor, a life coach.  

  The Association of Paroling Authorities (APAI) began in the early
1970s as a group of international colleagues in the field of parole.  They
shared a strong interest in discussing best practices and current
issues surrounding early release, reentry into the community and public
safety.  For more information on APAI, please visit their website (http:
Reginald Lee, Director of Programs, received the 2011 Savannah Men
Making a Difference Award from the organization My Brothaz Home, Inc.  
My Brothaz Home is a nonprofit community-based organization located
in Savannah.  Founded in 2000 in direct response to the HIV/AIDS
epidemic, the mission of My Brothaz Home is to reduce the number of
new HIV infections and providing culturally sensitive HIV prevention
education and supportive services.  In presenting the award, Mark Davis,
CEO & Executive Director of My Brothaz Home, shared with the audience
that the Men Making a Difference Award is given annually in recognition
of "distinguished humanitarian efforts to build and improve the lives of
others while promoting HIV/AIDS awareness in the community".  With
over 32 years of human service experience, Reginald has a long history
of working with at-risk and homeless individuals and families.  “I am
humbled by receiving this award”, said Reginald, “my personal
commitment is to be an example to others that would be pleasing to
God and to be an advocate for those without a voice”.
OSCM Staff Member Receives Local Award
“I am humbled by receiving
this award”, said Reginald,
“my personal commitment is
to be an example to others
that would be pleasing to
God and to be an advocate
for those without a voice”.
The Old Savannah City Mission’s
new Bargain Center at 2424 Bull
Street is open for business.  
This new Bargain Center and
our Bargain Center at 1116 Mills
B. Lane are very important
resources for the many
ministries of the Mission.  In
2009 the Mission provided over
121,000 meals and more than
28,000 emergency shelter beds.  
It is home to the Urban Training
Institute (UTI).  The Institute has
two divisions, Clean Start and
Fresh Start.  
Both have high standards, strong boundaries and clear direction.  They are
yearlong residential recovery/transition programs with zero tolerance for drugs,
alcohol, tobacco, violence and or threats of violence.  All facets of the Mission’s
ministries are privately funded.  The Mission receives no tax payer or United Way
funding.  The reason? We preach the Gospel as the power of God to transform
lives and our dogmatic passion to do so is the core of the Mission's ministries. The
Mission is a 501(c)(3) privately funded charity. That is, we received no tax payer or
United Way funding. The proceeds from all Bargain Center sales puts food on our
tables and keeps clean sheets on our beds. In 2009 the Mission provided over
121,000 meals and more than 28,000 nights of shelter. God is our Resource and
He supplies all of our needs through caring and generous people. All donations
(financial and gifts in kind) are deeply appreciated and are tax deductible to the full
extent as allowed by law. Shop with us and change lives forever. of those who are
broken and bound. The ministry of Jesus was/is totally politically incorrect.   So is
that of the Mission.  This is not an adversarial attitude.  It represents our passion to
preach the Gospel, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, rehabilitate the addicted
and restore the ex-offender.
When you shop at the Mission’s Bargain Centers you are supporting
our efforts to serve those in need.  Also, donations of clothing, shoes,
household items, furniture, vehicles and most anything of value can
help us help the less fortunate among us.
Bargain Center
2424 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
Phone: 912-236-7546
Bargain Center On Bull Street