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Old Savannah City Mission
2414 Bull Street
Savannah, GA
"Savannah's Five Star Gospel Rescue Mission"
The day was incredibly balmy and bright.  A gentle breeze carried the
music across and down the street.  Over 200 friends and neighbors, i.e.
homeless, volunteers and students assembled in the parking lot on the
south side of the Mission.  Huxsie Scott’s voice rang out inspiring and
clear as she sang “Run to the Mercy Seat.”  The Good News of the
Resurrection focused on its rock bed purpose…the declaration of God’s
redeeming love...
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NO LONGER $1.79...NOW $2.05

Since the birth of Old Savannah City Mission in 1997, we have provided
hundred of thousands of meals.  We calculated their costs at $1.79.  So
many faithful donors have given with that cost in mind.  Now reality
requires us to increase our costs to $2.05 per meal.  

Please remember, Old Savannah City Mission is privately funded.  It
does not request or receive any public funds.  It depends upon people of
goodwill who genuinely care about the less fortunate right here in our
community.  Increasing numbers of people are coming to the Mission for
help.  Everyone is facing economic challenges. It’s a serious challenge
for the Mission, especially during this season of the year.  The Mission
must ramp up its fund raising efforts.  Since May donations have been
decreasing in sync with the increasing need for services.

Reverend Jim Lewis is strongly encouraging people of goodwill to step
up to the plate NOW and help the Mission feed the hungry and homeless
in our community.  Here’s what your donation can do:

$22.50 will provide 10 meals
$41.00 will provide 20 meals
$65.50 will provide 30 meals
$82.00 will provide 40 meals
$102.50 will provide 50 meals
$205.00 will provide 100 meals
$410.00 will provide 200 meals
More than a Meal
Knowing that
someone cares.
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