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Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Donates to the Mission

The Savannah Chapter of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority made a recent
donation of needed food and personal care items to Old Savannah City
Mission to use in support of our Friends and Neighbors.  

Founded in 1913 at Howard University by twenty-two women, Delta
Sigma Theta Sorority strives to promote excellence by providing
assistance to people in need.  Members of the Savannah Chapter have
continued with this noteworthy tradition.  Members of the sorority
making the donation presentation to William E. Stiles, Executive
Director, and Connell Stiles, Director of Development and Thrift
Operations include,
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There are many exciting
things happening at the Old
Savannah City Mission.
We would love the
opportunity to tell your
business, service
organization, church group,
etc, of the many programs
and ministries taking place
and how your group, big or
small, can be involved.

Have you ever wondered
what happens inside the
mission?  Is your group
looking for a way to
participate in serving,
whether financially or hands
on?  Allow one of our staff
members to come and
share about the
transformational ministry
that takes place at the Old
Savannah City Mission by
filling out the request form
Carolyn Trimble, Betty Bess, Clara Elmore-Bain, and Jacqueline Elmore.
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                         - Savannah Area 2015 Hunger Fund -

Dear Friends of the Mission,

        Most people in Savannah don't talk about hunger because they don't
see it. Homeless people aren't out on Main Street. They're hidden in
alleys, under bridges, out of the way.
        But I'm so grateful you see what others don't. Your support for
Savannah City Mission
is a blessing.
        We just launched
the Savannah Area 2015 Hunger Fund and
thought you should know. Our goal is to significantly reduce hunger in our
I hope I can Count on you again, because we need to
provide the area's homeless men, women and children
with nutritious meals in the days to come.
To meet this
goal we must raise the funds needed by April 30th.
        Every $2.05 you give provides on hearty meal at the Mission to a
homeless person in our community.
Your support helps replenish our
kitchen, which endures tremendous wear and tear every day with so
many people coming in. Plus, you help provide shelter, clothing, and
many other recovery services.
 Please open your heart again and send your gift of $16.40,
$20.50, $30.75 or whatever is right for you today.
You will fill empty
stomachs and comfort suffering people.

                                  William E. Stiles, Sr.
                                  Executive Director
Old Savannah City Mission Receives Donated Cookies
from Girl Scout Troupe 30093
Amari McDonald, Faythe Robinson, Sonte Davis, and
Troupe Leader Margarita McDonald
         This donation continues the mission of the Girl Scouts which was
founded in 1912 in Savannah by Juliette Gordon Low by helping girls to
“develop their full individual potential; relate to others with increasing
understanding, skill, and respect; develop values to guide their actions
and provide the foundation for sound decision-making; and contribute
to the improvement of society through their abilities, leadership skills,
and cooperation with others”.  The donation will be used in our feeding
program that serves over 5,000 homeless and hungry people monthly.
 Old Savannah City Mission is proud to be
recipients for the third year of Girl Scout Cookies
from local Girl Scout Troupe 30093.