Old Savannah City Mission
"Savannah's only Five-Star Gospel Rescue Mission"

He said " I was hungry and you gave me
food. I was a stranger and you took me
in." Matthew 25:35

Donations can be sent to:
Old Savannah City Mission
P. O. Box 16839
Savannah, GA 31416
A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
with a Mission to:
Proclaim the Gospel

Feed the Hungry

Shelter the Homeless

Rehabilitate the Addict

Restore the Ex-offender
Urban Training Institute(UTI)

Residential, Relational Rehabilitation

"High Standards...
Strong Boundaries...
Clear Direction!"

2424 Bull Street
1116 Mills B Lane
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Located at:  2414 Bull Street, Savannah, GA  Phone: 912.232.1979
"Therefore the Lord himself will
give you a sign: The virgin will
conceive and give birth to a son,
and we will call him Immanuel."
Dear Friends,

 Now that the busy holiday is behind us, the new year generally brings a spirit of optimism. But not so for the
people who live on the streets. They have only the clothes on their back, and little else in the way of

 Last year's holiday season was wonderful - and your gifts were greatly appreciated! The exceptional
generosity of good friends like you helped us share real joy and hope with those who are less fortunate -
which is, after all, the central theme of the season.

 As we rebuild our Annual Fund for this new year, we pray your financial support continues so that Old
Savannah City Mission can be your helping hands in the Savannah area. I know I can count on your
benevolent spirit to stand out from the crowd, and your generosity to help us serve others. Because every
day through your gifts...

                 ... we help many homeless men, women and children who struggle on our cold, uncaring streets
                 - hungry, lonely and desperate for shelter.

                 ... we reach out to people who have no one else who cares for them - people who are alone,
                 elderly or with problems they can't solve - and offer a helping hand and practical guidance
                 to a better life.

                ... we assist folks coming to our door without the means to buy food after paying the rent.

 And so as this new year begins.
I ask you to continue your loving support of our work. Please understand
that I am so grateful for the generosity you have already shown. But because of the ongoing needs of the
people we serve, I ask you to help in this all-out effort during January to raise the funds needed during our

 Whatever you choose to give will be greatly appreciated - by me, but more importantly - by the people
whose lives your generosity will touch. Jesus said, "Even a cup of water given in my name" (Mark 9:41) can
make an eternal difference.

                                                                   With gratitude,
                                                                   William Stiles Sr.
                                                                   Executive Director